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Replica Breguet Watches are hot. Replica Breguet Watches sports watches made of steel are very popular. While the Daytona is now a sub-brand of Rolex, the Submariner still has its fans, especially those vintage pieces with their acrylic plastic domed crystals.

Vintage Subs have a certain appeal, whether they are matte or gilt. It's good enough to be worn by James Bond, so it should work for us. The Submariners started with glossy dials, and finished with glossy ones (Replica Breguet Watches).

The matte dials were in the middle, and collectors call them Maxi dials. Rolex used matte dials from 1966 until 1998.

Like many Replica Breguet Watches items, the knowledge behind these dials was mostly a result of a concerted effort by Replica Breguet Watches Forum. The Replica Breguet Watches Forum (VRF) is a place of heated debate and sometimes discord between Replica Breguet Watches experts, but their common goal is to learn, share and clarify Replica Breguet Watches knowledge.

Rolex, unlike Patek and Omega, does not confirm older pieces. The VRF has become the ultimate resource for collectors.

The first time the Maxi dial was used widely was to refer to the 16610LV Submariner 50th Anniversary Date with the green bezel.

The Rolex Submariner 551 MAXI Dial (Rolex Replica Watches)

The Maxi dial comes in five versions, each with a different serial number. These are conveniently called Mk1 through 5. The Mk1 dial was introduced in 1976. It is common to find these dials on watches with serial numbers between 5.5 and early 6.0 millions. Maxis Mk5 was produced until 1984.

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