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The different versions of the Maxi dials all have one thing common. A coronet which is elegant, tall and elongated - extending upwards from a narrow bottom to a wide, open top. Different versions have a mix of serifs and non-serifs, as well as open and closed sixes on the "660ft", and a different placement and size of the "SUBMARINER".

Everyone has their own method of identifying the version of a watch. The first thing that I notice when looking at a Mark 1 is the text "SUBMARINER". It is located below the depth rating. Later marks moved the text above the depth rating. The Mk5 can be distinguished by the "SUBMARINER", which is placed above and wider than the depth rating. Other features of the Mk5 include the fact that "=" is below the A and "SUBMARINER", as well as the 'open sixs' within the depth rating.

The domed acrylic crystal on the Maxi dial 5513 makes the hour plots almost dance. The way light hits the dome can be altered by a slight shift of your wrist. Light can also affect the dial, and the shape of domed edges of the acrylic crystal can alter the appearance of the hour plots.

It can also be found in other references, aside from the 5513. The dial was prominently featured on the military Breitling Replicainer reference 5517 as well as the Comex reference 1680 Submariner Date. The non-date Breitling Replicainer with a chronometer rating also had a Maxi dial, reference 5512. But it wasn't all about Subs. Breitling Replica from the 1970s also featured a Maxi dial. These watches featured the same large hour plots as well as the tall and elegant Coronets of the Maxi family.

The Maxi dial 5513 can be worn as a casual watch during the day or a smarter evening look. A steel Oyster band with classic fliplock clasp is the best choice for a true tool watch style.Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches An elegant Italian leather band can dress up the watch instantly for evenings...and it'll'scrub' up well! You want a MilSub look? Put it on a nylon NATO-style strap. Axl rose said "my way or your way, whatever you want ...".

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