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Patek Philippe Replica has developed their latest watchmaking philosophy. The brand has stripped away everything it can -- including its logo -- leaving only the cardinal hours and watch hands.

Moser dials are therefore put in the spotlight. Moser's fume dials are usually the most popular. Moser's newest timepiece now includes Vantablack, a substance that is used to make dials.

Google will tell you that Vantablack is not a color or pigment. It's actually a material made of hollow, meshed carbon nanotubes. Chemical vapor deposition can be used to apply it on surfaces.Patek Philippe Replica The black color that we see on the surface is actually a property of the material. Vantablack absorbs over 99% visible light. You don't only see black. You feel like you are looking through a glass window into an abyss.

Vantablack was last used in watchmaking in collaboration between MCT and artist Anish Kapolor. The result of this collaboration was the Sequential One - S110 Evo Vantablack. Vantablack is a material that was originally developed for industrial purposes. Its most well-known application in telescopes where its ability to reduce stray lights helps to minimize interferences.

Surrey NanoSystems Limited is a UK-based chemicals company that owns and regulates the material.Richard Mille Replica Watches Surrey NanoSystems and Anish Kapoor have an exclusive license agreement for the use of this material in the arts.

MCT clearly worked with Anish Kakoor's Studio. Moser's has no doubt had to do the exact same.

The Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept lends itself perfectly to the "less is more" Moser dial. To further enhance the dark Vantablack dial, the cardinal hours markers were removed.

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