Luxury Replica Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Automatic Watch Review

I wanted to double up on my coverage of nice, (relatively, in the luxury Best Replica Watches sense) affordable military style watches that were unveiled at Baselworld 2010. I just spoke about the Tag Heuer Formula i Khaki that has a green military strap and dial. Now I would like to share with you the new Bell & Ross BR03 replica watch. Put in the BR03 case which is 42mm wide, the watch is in a matte finished ceramic in green. Cool! The olive drab green color of the case is lighter than the dark green of the dial. The Bell & Ross BR01/BR03 dial is based on military fonts and a high legibility style - so it looks right at home. The label of "Military Type" is on the dial of the watch in the version I sampled, but not in the marketing image. Hard to say what will be in the final version.

Perhaps the most popular Bell & Ross replica watch last year was the Luxury Replica Bell & Ross BR 03. To follow up that success, the company released the chronograph version of the 42mm Phantom this year. The name derives from the fact that these watches are theoretically invisible. All the elements including the hour markers and hands are jet black. If it were not for the slight relief and difference in textures of the components of the face, the time would be illegible during the day. Once the shock caused by the odd dial wears off, however, the time is rather clear. In the dark a bright contrast is offered by the highly luminescent markers, which glow with a strong, dark green light. This monochromatic style was developed by Bell & Ross as an homage to military stealth, but ironically works very well at attracting the gaze of curious watch enthusiasts.

The Fake Bell & Ross has always been inspired by aeronautical instrumentation and by the plane as an object. From the first timepieces this has nurtured the development of collections based on two focuses. Firstly, aeronautical instrumentation, specifically that of the instrumentation panel, resulting in the Replica Watches Collection. Secondly, the evocation of key eras in the history of aviation, with the development of pilots watches in the Replica Watches Collection.

The iconic Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica collection is inspired by aircraft cockpits and addresses Bell & Ross four fundamental principles: legibility, functionality, precision and water-resistance.

In 2013, for the benefit of pilots and frequent travelers, the Bell & Ross designers created the BR03 42mm model with a very useful feature for traveling: a second time zone display.

The case of course has a sapphire crystal, and is water resistant to 100 meters. Inside the Luxury Replica Watches is an automatic swiss ETA 2892 movement. Pretty much everything you would expect from a standard Bell & Ross BR03 replica watch, but now in green and with a ceramic case. The watch will come with either a gray commando style rubber strap, or a matching green synthetic fabric (nylon I guess) Velcro strap. The AR coating on the crystal makes the dial really easy to read, and I love the two green tones on the dial (of course there is lume).